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E-022 Securing your app

October 22, 2020

Whelp, if you record often enough, you'll have a disaster.  Unfortunately Jon's mic was all static and very noisy for the first part of the show, so this episode doesn't have our typical catchup and mobile news sections. This is VERY unfortunate because Jon actually had a lot of extra time this past week to do some research and first hand dinking around with his app and talks about the different things he did.

We jump straight into securing your app, from how to securely store data to jail break protection.


0:00 - Intro

1:30 - environment vars (react-native-dotenv, react-native-config)

7:13 - expo-secure-store, react-native-keychain, react-native-sensitive-info

9:01 - Auth / Deep linking

11:44 - SSL Pinning

15:18 - Obfuscation

18:22 - Jailbreak protection

25:26 - Outro


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