React Native Nerds

E-024: Cool Packages, Posts and Projects

November 5, 2020

This week Jon sells his car and and Smoky The Bear (aka Spencer) talks about how ONLY YOU can prevent Chimney Fires.

When they settle down for the show topic, the guys review the cool packages, posts and projects they've come across recently.  There's some pretty neat things covered in this episode and really isn't even the tip of the iceberg.

If you have one to add - let us know and we'll mention it and YOU on the show.


0:17 - Welcome

0:44 - Jon's catchup / car and demo

3:30 - Spencer's catchup and fire prevention lesson

7:19 - Spencer's new class about building a chat app

8:19 - Brewery Teaser... because Jon doesn't have enough to do

12:01 - Main Topic!  Finally, right???

12:24 - Old packages and projects and the headache they are

13:07 - Drink Up [drinking game app]

13:55 - React Native Bottom Sheet - [package]

17:18 - Can it be done in React Native - [YouTube series]

19:32 - Lottie animation package - [package]

23:30 - React Native Camera Kit - [package]

24:59 - Hermes JavaScript Engine - [core react native feature]

25:51 - React Native Game Engine - [package / engine]

30:57 - Shared Element Transition - [YouTube series]

33:42 - Gas Buddy migration to React Native - [Blog Post]

32:42 - Wrap Up




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