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E-025: Improving your UI / UX Skilz

November 9, 2020

** Releasing this early this week **

** Because we talk about the "One More Thing" event on November 10th**

Did you know that Spencer wants to be a gamer now? He thinks hiring a VA is going to give him that time haha.  Jon is looking to fill in any free time he had but opening a brewery in his town and plans are flying all over the place. We would be remiss if we didn't mention quickly the burning trash heap that is our Election process.

BUT you're here for mobile development, so ...

Do your mobile apps look like crap?  Yea we thought so too.  We're going to cover how  you can up your design skills, without having to take a course.  With the resources we'll talk about you'll be able to figure out how to improve an app you're written or how to build it correct the first time.  We run through UI design / UX design flows / css and layout tips as well as using a pre-built design system.


0:00 - Welcome / the state of the US Dumpster fire

2:20 - Jon's building a brewery

6:24 - Spencer is a wannabe Gamer and hired a VA

13:36 - The vintage iPhone 5c

20:09 - Main topic intro

21:52 - Dribble

26:04 - UI Design Daily

28:10 - UX Archive

32:11 -

33:40 - UI Design sub-reddit

34:26 - Refactoring UI

39:31 - App analysis and critique

43:20 - CSS skills

44:33 - FlexBox Froggy

49:38 - Goldfish projects




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