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E030 - Stale Props & Zombie Children (State Management in 2021)

December 31, 2020

This week, Jon ramps up his brewing plans with a logo contest, Spencer's girlfriend comes through and lands an XBox and hopefully is overcoming his motion sickness.

In the React arena we discuss state management and if you've never used anything more than component state we got you covered.  You'll learn when to up your state game and possibly which type of state management solution will work for you and your app.

If you've gotten into Redux or MobX, this is still interesting because we discuss the differences between multiple solutions and you may hear something that may make you switch!

0:00 - Introduction

0:05 - Jon's update / Brewery news

8:13 - Spencer's update

12:58 - State Management in 2021

14:08 - What is State

20:32 - Context

24:24 - Redux / Redux Toolkit

33:23 - MobX / MobX State Tree

40:23 - Recoil

43:38 - Apollo

45:14 - ReactQuery

49:38 - Zustand

54:10 - When to use 'em

56:58 - Migrating from one to another

58:31 - Wrap Up



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