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E-016 Hope Springs Eternal Disappointment (Animations with React Native)

September 3, 2020

This week Jon drives down that Road To Hell he paved with good intentions, and faces the fact that hope sucks and he'll never have time to do the things he wants to.

On the brighter side of the podcast, Spencer dives into various ways to make things move in your app, from screen transitions, interfacing with gestures to moving pictures around on the screen.  This primer of the various popular animation libraries will help you get started, or at least familiarize yourself with the differences if/when you hear or read about them.

0:00 - Welcome

1:49 - Spencer's Week

4:00 - Jon's Week

9:38 - Mobile News - Spotify may be a target for Apple

10:37 - Fortnite News

12:21 - ARWES - SciFi UI library (React)

14:24 - Main Topic - Animations

15:48 - LayoutAnimation

18:40 - Animated

22:55 - PanResponder

25:10 - Reanimated (v1)

28:09 - Reanimated (v2)

30:14 - React Native Gesture Handler

34:07 - WrapUp




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