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E-012 The zero intruption theory [Offline Storage and Databases]

E-012 The zero intruption theory [Offline Storage and Databases]

August 6, 2020

Offline Storage and Databases

In this sleepy little episode Jon pines to be back in his 20's when he pulls an all-nighter and gets so much done.  We cover Storing JSON objects in AsyncStorage, different methods of hydration, why it's important to recognize the size of an open source community when choosing a package and/or software solution, and wrap it up with a plea to tweet us, dammit!

0:00 - Intro

0:17 - Welcome and why Jon's tired

8:56 - Main topic - Offline Storage

9:44 - AsyncStorage and Spencer's app

16:43 - Sqlite database as a solution

16:50 - Realtime database / React Native Firebase as a sync solution

18:09 - pouchDB and a lesson in jenky hydration methods

21:09 - Realm / MongoDB

24:00 - Deciding on a solution based on the size of its community

27:50 - Learn Offline storage (React Native School)

29:30 - Thanks and goodbye




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E-011 UI Kitten with Gant Laborde

E-011 UI Kitten with Gant Laborde

July 30, 2020

Spencer and Jon welcome Gant Laborde, CIO of Infinite Red, AI Enthusiast, Tech genius and all around great guy to talk about a plethora of items.  Our main topic is UI Kitten, a way to get a new app up and running without having to worry about design.


0:00 - Introductions

4:14 - Typescript or Not Typescript

8:13 - The argument for Typescript

11:21 - All about Gant

13:09 - Hot dog Not Hot dog

15:30 - AI-FYI Newsletter

16:12 - Free AI Course

16:21 - Deep Fake Drawing and MIT's Nixon / Moon Disaster film

18:39 - AI is a magic power

20:35 - Gant's status update

21:12 - Jon's status update

22:19 - Specner's update

24:57 - Clients and understanding skills

25:18 - The Hammer Invoice

26:20 - Virtual Coffee

28:22 - UI Kitten

40:00 - Ignite CLI

44:28 - Spencer's not a designer

45:19 - Repo in life

46:21 - Open source contributions

50:02 - Wrap up



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E010 - React Native 0.63

E010 - React Native 0.63

July 23, 2020

Disaster strikes, and hilarity ensues 1/2 way through the recording, but because I'm an awesome editor, I moved it to the beginning of the episode so you don't have to wait :)


React Native released a blog post about their Team Principles.  It's often easy to criticize Facebook for what they do, but they really have this figured out.


Then we jump over to review the new features of React Native 0.63, the new improved logBox functionality, Pushable, and other awesome features.  Two thumbs up to upgrade to 0.63 if you're able to.


Show Notes


0:00 - The Soundbooth

0:46 - Celibrating Episode #10

3:10 - Main Topic Summary

3:30 - React Native Team Principles blog post and discussion

8:54 - Learn Once, Write Anywhere

11:30 - Jon's update

13:28 - Spencer's update

16:50 - Main Topic : React Native 0.63

16:58 - LogBox

22:17 - Pressible

23:30 - PlatformColor()

27:44 - DynamicColorIOS()

28:52 - Dropping support for iOS9

30:30 - The Strange ability to embed a <View> in a <Text> component (WTF?)

31:25 - iOS LaunchScreen requires StoryBoard

33:19 - ChangeLog

33:49 - Spencer's pull request for ReactNavigation

35:18 - Clifhanger for episode 11 :)


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E009 - Just Push It (Push Notifications)

E009 - Just Push It (Push Notifications)

July 16, 2020

This week Jon and Spencer celebrate the fact you are indeed listening, or at least downloading the show.

Then Salt & Peppa talk about how you can push it with One Signal, Firebase, AWS and Urban Airship.  They get into the types and benefits of using push notifications in your app, and dare you, the listeners to hit us up on Twitter.



E008 - Deep Linking - the how and why

E008 - Deep Linking - the how and why

July 9, 2020

This week Spencer and Jon talk about Apple's return to physicality in design and then dive into deep linking into your mobile applications.  They cover the two different types of deep linking (URL Schemes and Universal) and dream up interesting (and probably stupid) ways to utilize them.

0:15 - Weekly catchup

1:11 - News - Neumorphic design

6:45 - Deep Linking

19:30 - Outro



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E007 - Can’t Touch This - All About Touchables

E007 - Can’t Touch This - All About Touchables

July 2, 2020

This week we investigate Touchables and the many different ways you can have your app accept (or not accept) touches properly.


0:17 - Intro

3:28 - Spotify Lite project

4:53 - TypeScript?

7:27 - Touchables in general

9:35 - TouchableWithoutFeedback

10:30 - Enabling secret features

12:46 - TouchableHighlight

13:55 - TouchableOpacity

14:22 - TouchableHighlight (take 2)

15:01 - TouchableNativeFeedback

16:09 - Legitimization (Drink!)

21:54 - Outro

E006 - Our Development Environments and Workflows

E006 - Our Development Environments and Workflows

June 25, 2020

Jon and Spencer talk about their setups, what they use and different approaches to development.


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E005 - Can you feel it comin’ in the air tonight? - OTA Updates

E005 - Can you feel it comin’ in the air tonight? - OTA Updates

June 18, 2020

In this episode we discuss Over-the-air updates, what you can and can't do with them, along with probably getting banned from China, how you can maybe sell your app for $7.3 Billion dollars using a $300 starter kit and lots of other stuff.



E004: These features are [Six] Two legit to quit - All about RN v0.62

E004: These features are [Six] Two legit to quit - All about RN v0.62

June 11, 2020

We review the release of React Native 0.62, the different features and why these may (or may not) impact your life, workflow, and overall happiness.  We also dig into the change log, jump into some Git goodness and stress the continued Legitimization [drink!] of React Native and gush all over how great it is becoming. 

Advisory: You may need a box of tissues for this one folks.


E003: Flipper (not the dolphin)

E003: Flipper (not the dolphin)

June 3, 2020

If you write code, you write bugs and sometimes finding why those bugs happen is insanely difficult.  We talk about some new first class support in React Native for Flipper, a fantastic debugging tool.

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